HI friends! I wanted to start off this post with an introduction of my favorite place in the world, it’s called Sugar Mill Pond here in Lafayette. My husband first introduced it to me whenever we went on our very first date, here’s a picture of the first date we went on as a couple:

He set up the table under the gazebo & got me my favorite meal – sushi! My husband is such a romantic! Ever since then we would go there whenever we could! We would go just to have time together because I was doing my 2nd year of Master’s Commission & my husband was not, he was working & sometimes I had to just get away from there. Sugar Mill Pond is probably the most peaceful place that I have been to. We would go to just hang out & talk or read our Word & pray. Sugar Mill pond is also where he proposed to me:

The pond has a sidewalk that goes around the whole pond, Daniel had picture frames like the first picture set up all along the path, now this was on my birthday so I just thought it was for my birthday because he downplayed the proposal so much! At each picture frame he told me different themes like there was one with all of our firsts on it, like our first dance, our first date & so on. At the end we got to the pier & there was rose pedals going all the way down to where the last picture frame was (2nd picture) &that is where he popped the question. So with all that said, Sugar Mill has been a very special place for me. So I’ve decided to do my 5k training there. 2 laps around is 1 mile. I like running there cause I can pray & get some thinking done & I can actually see where the end is unlike running on a treadmill so it makes me actually want to run, I mean look at that place! how could you not want to just go there!? 

Last night, Daniel & I went on a date finally! He gave me the choice of BoneFish or Olive Garden, I chose Olive Garden because I have been craving their salad & breadsticks for a while.
afterwords, we came home & watched Iron Man 3. It was a great having quality time with my husband! Speaking of quality time, that is my love language (:

& after all that, here is today:

Today we’ve done nothing really because it’s been storming! Finally got a chance to clean the whole house though, that was really nice. My husband is now out playing tennis with his friends & I am sitting here waiting for my friend to come over. I am so blessed to have a friend like her. That’s one thing I’ve been really pressing in & praying for lately is some Godly friends who encourage me & help me grow in Christ. Right now I barely have friends. I’ve tried countless times to keep the connection but it just didn’t work out. My husband & I have decided to start going to Our Saviors for now. We’re looking to get into ministry. We’re going to start going to their college age services on monday & meet friends & hopefully some Godly couples to start hanging out with. 

Joanna B.


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