Another Day, Another Dollar




I’m posting this from my phone today while at work… I know, I’m such a good employee being on my phone during work but actually they don’t care & I have no, zero, none, zilch patients this morning so I’m trying to speed things up til lunch at 12:30, it’s 10:00 right now. So sorry if anything is spelled wrong, it’s hard typing from my phone especially since ever since I updated to IOS7 it’s been going pretty slow.

So lately, things have been.. Well I dk how to describe it. My mom called me two Sundays ago to tell me that my pawpaws in the hospital. He went in to get his gal bladder removed & they found all kinds of infection inside of him, he actually went into cardiac arrest & died but they were able to revive him. I went last weekend to see him. He was doing better but they can’t take him off of the breathing tube because he can’t breathe on his own & he’s still in ICU & their saying now that his kidneys are failing. I went & saw him in the hospital Friday, immediately started crying, it’s so hat to see such a strong man be weak. I just wanted to stay by his side the whole weekend. I went & saw him again Sunday, my Mawmaw was there so heartbroken, I honestly think that if my pawpaw dies my Mawmaw won’t be far along because her heart would be so broken. Whenever I went in there with her she just broke down & kept saying oh God please bring him back, it was so sad. They started him on dialysis on Sunday for his kidneys. We’re praying this works & he can stick around for a few more years & also praying his blood pressure won’t go down. So if y’all could agree with me in prayer that would be great! He was the rock of the family, it will be hard for everyone to let him go if we had to. I haven’t heard anything since Sunday, I guess no news is good news. Get better soon pawpaw! We all love you so much! You would be so proud of all your kids & their spouses, they have all stepped up so much to take care of you. & their taking care of Mawmaw so well while your away & your house.

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. (Isaiah 54:10 NIV)

Joanna B.


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